Another Shuttleworth clan photo


Children (and spouses) of Craven Shuttleworth, c. 1923

It’s been quite some time since there have been any family history related posts on this blog and even longer since there’s been one on the Shuttleworths! So here’s a great one. This photo, wonderfully annotated by Beah on the back (see below) is of the children (along with one spouse) of Craven Shuttleworth and Nancy Kayley Shuttleworth (read about this couple here). As Beah notes, the photo was taken at Will Shuttleworth’s home in Sibley (Will being Frank Shuttleworth’s father), and its occasion was the first death in that generation, the death of “the older sister Ella.” (This photo is actually a photo of that photo, as the date “Nov 1956” at the top of it indicates!) The numbers running across the bottom of the picture are the key to identifying everyone in the group (so great!). Job on the left is the oldest; then comes Craven, the fifth son; then Margaret, the youngest child; then Ferrand,the second son; then … it’s hard to tell what the name of Job’s wife is, but suggests it was Abbie (?); then Fred, the third son; then our Blanche (aka Nanny); Ine, the sixth son; and our William, husband of Blanche, the fourth son!

scan-1 suggests that Ella died in 1925, so that would mean that this photo was taken then (and not in 1923).

Also: my goodness, Blanche looks great! And: I guess she didn’t own any funeral attire!?

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