Another sculpture ~


Morphous, September 30, 2016

This beautiful sculpture by Lionel Smit is in New York just until April as part of the Art in the Parks program (read all about it at this site here). I know this photo makes it look like it’s not in much of a park, which is kind of true … it’s in a very small park right next to Union Square that occupies the triangle where Park Avenue splits into Lafayette and  4th Avenue at both of their intersections with 14th Street. There are trees just a bit to the right of the sculpture!

And now …


New bouquet, September 24, 2016

white cosmos! To vary cosmos season a little! Cosmos are such wonderful flowers as far as cut flowers go: they’re so bright and cheery (though these white ones are a little more subdued), and they last quite a few days (if a person changes the water every other day)!