Picturesque doorway ~


Barrel vaulted doorway, August 31, 2017

Between the terra-cota colored brick, the mellow brown wooden door, the green ivy, the touch of gilt on the number 32 above the door, and the pattern of sunlight and shade, this little vista is very … tweedy, I think! Just right for the last day of August!? It seems that there are many such views in these pages; enter “tweed” in the search box to the right for about half a dozen of them!

Checking in, a year later ~


Still growing, August 30, 2017

A year and a day ago (in this post here), I reported on this tree and the big changes in its surroundings (its having previously graced the sidewalk of a mom and pop store that always had a huge bank of flowers for sale). Then I reported on the construction under way behind it too (e.g. in this post here). As we can see from today’s picture, the building is going up, and the tree looks like it’s going to make it too … hurray!

Orville sighting #2! (Original Boomerang for March 4, 1923)


Original Boomerang, March 4, 1923

The interest and humor in the top story in this issue of the original Boomerang are such as should be read first hand–as if one had actually been there–so this commentary is going to skip over it and go right to the buried lead in the second column, the presence of a “young feller named Orville Rust” at the meeting of “the League” this (Sunday) evening, of which Beth was the leader (for anyone who’s forgotten what the League–i.e. the Epworth League–is, see this post here). May we go so far as to suspect that Orville was more interested in the leader than the League … at least on this particular evening?

In other news: my goodness, the Eno family sounds so downright cosmopolitan! Eula is hiking on walls in China, Enola is at the University of Chicago, Gladice and her “hubby” are “skitting around Kansas,” and the dramatist Ruth is juggling many roles at once … how did they manage such a busy life without e-mail and cell phones??


Another installment ~


The eyes of a mural, August 25, 2017

This picture is of another part of the mural that was featured in these pages going on five (!!) years ago (here). As I said in that other post, this is just a small part of it! Many more shots would need to be taken in order to capture it all … stay tuned!

Busy hub of activity ~


Bee, ant, flower, August 24, 2017

When I took this picture, I was focused on the bee, but I see I caught an ant too! I believe this attractive plant is a wild parsnip, which, according to this site here is a plant with edible roots but is otherwise wildly invasive and generally not to be messed with (scroll down to “Human Health Impacts”)!