So many things to see!


Craftsman close-up, August 16, 2017

So many things to see … like back-lit green leaves, different colors reflected in the windows, the diamond-shaped panes, and weathered brown shingles! This is just a very small sample of a large brown shingled complex that used to the Anna Head School for Girls. It’s now part of the extended UC Berkeley Campus and on the National Register of Historic Places. Read all about it here.

Wild and wonderful lily ~


Amaryllis Belladonna, August 15, 2017

This extravagant bloom actually grows wild in this part of California though it isn’t native. As this site here explains, it’s originally from the Cape area of South Africa. Its common names are Belladonna Lily, Jersey Lily, and Naked Lady (probably because its stem is leafless by the time it blooms?). This particular specimen is thriving in a rocky patch of dirt next to a driveway …

Mama visits her sister and “Betty” injures a thumb (Original Boomerang for February 13, 1923)


Original Boomerang for February 13, 1923

The top story in this issue of the original Boomerang is that “Mama” (i.e. Mary, the Boomerang Man’s wife) is following the example of her “illustrious daughters” and “going on the road” — to visit her sister Helen Scott in Dexter. At a distance of around thirty-five miles from Des Moines, Dexter isn’t nearly as far as most of the Eno girls have journeyed; still, though, Mama will be gone for two nights! Sister Helen was referred to back in the original Boomerang of March 23, 1919 (in this post here) as “wealthy Aunt Helen.” The introduction of her married name “Scott” helps to identify a few more people in a more recently posted original Boomerang (here): specifically, Wesley Scott, Helen’s husband and Alma, their daughter! That issue notes that Wesley is in town to give his son-in-law some father-in-lawly advice, which note is followed by a mention of Alma, who is said to be “still working for Successful Farming.” Could the advice to in the first note have any relation to the “still working” of the second?

In other news, “Betty” (not Beth) is playing basketball! And has hurt her thumb in the process … it’s on the mend, though!

And the punch line to the inside joke about Ferne McLaughlin and her valentine remains obscured by the giggling …

Blackberry picking … and eating!


Sunning frog, August 11, 2017

I saw the cute bright green and tiny frog pictured above while picking blackberries in the early afternoon … below is evidence of the blackberries themselves! And this is the third annual blackberry pie photo, this time captured through handi-wrap. Find the second annual photo in this post here, which includes a link to the inaugural photo.


Blackberry pie, August 11, 2017