Another eye-catching bike ~


Green bike, November 19, 2017

It was the green of this bike that really caught my eye, and then, upon further examination, the retro script of “Schwinn” also stood out. I also had plenty of time to admire it while waiting for folks who were talking behind the white car across the street to get out of the picture. When you live in a big city, avoiding having random people in your pictures does sometimes require patience!


Greenery on a pedestal ~


Fountain of greenery, October 18, 2017

This elegant garden furnishing is situated at one of the tips of a little park called Minetta Triangle. As it turns out, the park gets its name from Minetta Brook, which runs underground from somewhere around Gramercy Park, through Greenwich Village and into the Hudson at Houston street. Read all about the brook and the history of its namesake park at this site here.

Early evening in green and orange ~


Ready for customers, 7:10 PM September 9, 2017

This shot captures the left side of the building whose right side is captured in this post here of a little more than three years ago. That picture was probably taken right around the middle of the day; this one was taken in early evening … and on a much cooler day. We’ve been having such a mild September (it’s usually still quite hot around this time of year)! It was just 60-something when this picture was taken — lovely!