Up-cycled car ~


“Green” car, June 11, 2017

What a surprise to round a corner at a nearby nursery and find this car being used as a gigantic planter! Note the succulents growing where a head-light was once upon a time. Above is under the hood … below is a shot of the back seat and a little bit of the trunk. Fun!


A wild ride, June 11, 2017


Steam shovel, protected tree, two boots ~


Unusually placed boots, April 20, 2017

Walking home at 5:00 PM, I thought, “what will my picture for today be?” and right away noticed the boots placed upside down on the posts of this structure protecting this tree from the ongoing and aforementioned infrastructure upgrades going on. While I was taking pictures of them (the boots), this steam shovel started going backwards and forwards behind the tree and boots, which made a nice backdrop I think! Also: new “spring green” leaves on the tree!


Light bending orb ~


Light effects, February 1, 2017

What is this? You may well ask … it’s a spherically shaped bud-vase full of water that for some reason has lots of bubbles in it … which may or may not have to do with the way the light coming through it (the bud vase) has refracted itself into those short rainbow spectrum lines arranged around its circumference! The green bit discernable inside the bud vase is the end of a plant cutting in the process (hopefully) of forming roots.

More hanging Chinese Lantern blossoms ~


Falls of Chinese Lanterns, January 19, 2017

These flowers are a version of the ones featured in a post of almost exactly six months ago (here). Their green leaves and soft oranges contrasting with the maroon wall caught my eye as I was walking home from mailing today’s box of books and things … back to the big apple! A change of scene (in so many ways!) tomorrow!