A three-fer ~


Blue-ceilinged porch, March 4, 2020

Ooph … things got busy (and rainy!), so I missed two days of posting photos. To catch up, here’re three for today. First, a continuation on the theme of “dirt-dauber blue”! Readers will remember from this post here that folks in the south have a tradition of painting the ceilings of their porches blue as a way of discouraging a certain bug from hanging out there. Well … here we have exhibit A of such a porch! The color isn’t exactly what I’d call dirt-dauber / carolina blue … but it’s definitely blue!

Then on to a couple other sightings from today …


Brick, greenery, March 4, 2020

A brick wall adorned with green and framed by green … and a curiously windowed (and green!) van …


Paned-window, van, March 4, 2020