Early evening in green and orange ~


Ready for customers, 7:10 PM September 9, 2017

This shot captures the left side of the building whose right side is captured in this post here of a little more than three years ago. That picture was probably taken right around the middle of the day; this one was taken in early evening … and on a much cooler day. We’ve been having such a mild September (it’s usually still quite hot around this time of year)! It was just 60-something when this picture was taken — lovely!



Picturesque doorway ~


Barrel vaulted doorway, August 31, 2017

Between the terra-cota colored brick, the mellow brown wooden door, the green ivy, the touch of gilt on the number 32 above the door, and the pattern of sunlight and shade, this little vista is very … tweedy, I think! Just right for the last day of August!? It seems that there are many such views in these pages; enter “tweed” in the search box to the right for about half a dozen of them!

So many things to see!


Craftsman close-up, August 16, 2017

So many things to see … like back-lit green leaves, different colors reflected in the windows, the diamond-shaped panes, and weathered brown shingles! This is just a very small sample of a large brown shingled complex that used to the Anna Head School for Girls. It’s now part of the extended UC Berkeley Campus and on the National Register of Historic Places. Read all about it here.

Blackberry picking … and eating!


Sunning frog, August 11, 2017

I saw the cute bright green and tiny frog pictured above while picking blackberries in the early afternoon … below is evidence of the blackberries themselves! And this is the third annual blackberry pie photo, this time captured through handi-wrap. Find the second annual photo in this post here, which includes a link to the inaugural photo.


Blackberry pie, August 11, 2017