Inviting stairway ~

Stairway to books, January 27, 2014

Stairway to books, January 27, 2014

Returning from an errand (to get passport photos!) today, I stopped into the Jefferson Market branch of the New York Public Library (mentioned before in these pages, here and here) and got this picture of a spiral stairway beckoning readers to ascend … I resisted — for today, anyway!

A new “Lincoln” and … Fred Eno’s own verse (Original Boomerang for January 26, 1919)!

Original Boomerang for January 26, 1919

Original Boomerang for January 26, 1919

A poem of the Boomerang Man’s own making takes pride of place in this week’s original Boomerang — and deserves being quoted in full:

       Human Bein’s

Bill was jest a grimy miner
underneath the ground,
Diggin’ “dusty diamonds”
all the year around.
One day a drunken bully
gave him a wicked blow
An’ fer many weeks he lingered
unfit to go below.

The day he went to work agin
a blast caved in the wall
And caught the bully squarely
underneath the fall.
Bill risked his life to save the bum
an’ the fellers asked him why
He didn’t pass the critter up
An’ leave him there to die.

“Well, Bull has got a mother
who loves the ornery bo,
An’ while he don’t amount to much
she’d hate to see him go.
Then, too, I kept a thinkin’
tho a bum that’s mean an’ tough–
He’s still a human bein’
an’ I reckon that’s enough.”

Written like a bonafide peace-nik!

In other news, cousin Lincoln and his wife are new parents! And the baby boy is named Lincoln too! It seems that Mabel Eno caught a glimpse of the new addition inadvertently …