Introducing …


Little Lambie, November 29, 2015

Estonian lamb puppet, begun here and continued here. Looking much more hand-made than the one I bought for Leslie at Chimera Gallery on Lopez Island (here). This one is “Little Lambie” to distinguish him from that one, who is just Lambie. Lambie was knit by one of the gals of Island Fibers (here), and Little Lambie was made with their wool! Little Lambie was meant to be finished yesterday (November 29) but he wasn’t actually finished until today (November 30 — just in time to deliver to a little boy!), but his picture is still November 29th’s picture of the day.

White Silk Floss tree ~


Chorisia insignis, November 24, 2015

Not very silky looking, is it? This tree gets its name from a silky floss inside its seeds. In that case, it’s rough on the outside and silky smooth on the inside! Read all about this fabulously curious-looking tree here.