Nice spot for blossoming ~


Budding magnolia blossom, June 29, 2016

Unlike the blossoms of deciduous varieties of magnolia, which come out before their leaves (e.g. the kind in this post here and in this one here), the blossoms of the non-deciduous Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) get to grow in nests of luxurious dark green leaves. Read all about this kind of magnolia here.

(Instant) Return of the Herb Garden ~


Sage, basil, chives, thyme, June 28, 2016

Last year’s garden (chronicled, among other places, here) bolted, went to seed, and otherwise fell by the wayside, and it was late-ish to be starting a new one from seed, so … new soil, a couple new re-usable cloth “grow-bags” (the two on the right), and some well-on-their way plants, and presto: new herb garden! Tomorrow: dill!

California, je t’aimes ~


California-loving bear, June 26, 2016

… and lots of other states too of course! Like … Washington, New York, Vermont, Idaho, Montana, Iowa, and New Mexico, for starters … but what animal would be hugging a map of Washington State, I wonder? Maybe (according to this site here) an Orca whale?


Symmetry #30


Judson Pacific-Murphy building, June 25, 2016

The historic Judson Pacific-Murphy building at the foot of Potrero Hill; read all about its history here on a blog by some people we know who are advocating for its adaptive reuse (as opposed to its being torn down, which would be pity!).

Dinner guest!


Fancy wine, June 24, 2016

A dinner guest is a great excuse for trying a new and nice wine … this one didn’t quite rise to being a “The Boomerang recommends” wine: good though! The wine merchant said it was “curious,” which piqued our curiosity … I guess a person could say that it IS curious!


Inviting gate ~


Blue gate, sunlit vines, 4:20 PM June 23, 2016

The lovely blue of this gate and the afternoon sun on the vines behind it make this alley entry very inviting! The different brick colors and the dusty-red diamonds (they have some kind of function in holding the wall together I think … ) also help.