Early evening in green and orange ~


Ready for customers, 7:10 PM September 9, 2017

This shot captures the left side of the building whose right side is captured in this post here of a little more than three years ago. That picture was probably taken right around the middle of the day; this one was taken in early evening … and on a much cooler day. We’ve been having such a mild September (it’s usually still quite hot around this time of year)! It was just 60-something when this picture was taken — lovely!


Ensemble of oranges ~


Orange spectrum, March 21, 2017

Numerous oranges, along with signs of ongoing infrastructure upgrade work (in the form of traffic diverting devices “put away” for the day). It’s the same work that was going on behind the “word to the wise” in this post here of last September.

More hanging Chinese Lantern blossoms ~


Falls of Chinese Lanterns, January 19, 2017

These flowers are a version of the ones featured in a post of almost exactly six months ago (here). Their green leaves and soft oranges contrasting with the maroon wall caught my eye as I was walking home from mailing today’s box of books and things … back to the big apple! A change of scene (in so many ways!) tomorrow!