Public art ~


Mandala of ceramic shards, July 12, 2018

Just one small section of a sprawling work of public art called Potter’s Wall by Andrew Werby. Read all about it at this site here (created sometime in the 70s). The picture below is a closer look, which shows that the red circle is actually made of heart-shaped ceramic pieces and that the radiating orange bits are ceramic carrots. It also gives a closer view of the little ducky below the circle of red hearts.

Version 2


Early evening in green and orange ~


Ready for customers, 7:10 PM September 9, 2017

This shot captures the left side of the building whose right side is captured in this post here of a little more than three years ago. That picture was probably taken right around the middle of the day; this one was taken in early evening … and on a much cooler day. We’ve been having such a mild September (it’s usually still quite hot around this time of year)! It was just 60-something when this picture was taken — lovely!