Oppede, Cassis, Nice, LOPEZ

The title of this post partly explains the recent hiatus in posts; I’ll let some of the photos in “snapshot alley” and the linked Flickr account speak for Leslie’s and my sojourn from Oppede to Cassis to Nice, and concentrate on the grand Fourth of July festivities on Lopez!

The first item on the agenda was a Fun Run beginning in Lopez Village at 8:30. Participants could do 5- or 10-kilometer routes; 5-K participants could enter as walkers or runners. Dick and Amy and Lib and I all went for the 5-K option; Amy and I walked, Lib ran, and Dick entered as a runner and walker. Amy will have you know she would’ve run except for having crashed on her bike a few days ago, which left her with a big bruise in a running muscle; my excuse for walking was just that this was my very first Fun Run ever (!!), and using my running muscles for walking was good enough! Walking or running, we were finished quite a bit sooner than we expected: finishing in 32 minutes, Lib was the first–and 5th in her brand new age group–Dick came in next at 40 minutes, Amy next at 45, and I came in a close last at 45 minutes and 50 seconds.IMG_0360

So we were back to the cabin for showers and a second breakfast/early lunch in time to turn around and go back to town for the parade! Some of the parade highlights were the procession of tractors, a really great series of floats on the history of Lopez, and a hippie extravaganza, including giant earth-headed puppet wearing a sign reading “Love Your Mother” (pictured here).

The next event of the day was a “retro” Fourth of July dinner: grilled hamburgers with all the fixings, potato chips and potato salad–with a Lopez Island cabernet (not sure that part qualifies as retro!)–all followed by ice cream and fresh strawberries–yum!

The day was topped off by a spectacular fireworks display, which began at around 11:00 when it was finally good and dark and just a minute after the Friday Harbor fireworks ended, which we could just catch a glimpse of across the water. We had the perfect spot for watching the show: a bank of a little peninsula of Fisherman’s Bay facing west towards the spit where the fireworks were being launched. Our viewing site let us see the fireworks twice: once in the sky and once in the water–truly breathtaking!

On our way back to the cabin around midnight, it was clear from the steady stream of tail-lights along Center Road that the weekend of the Fourth is the busiest of the year on Lopez–and I can see why!