New office view ~


Vertiginous! August 31, 2016

View from my new office in the English Department’s (relatively) new quarters. It’s a really narrow building (as the drawing below shows): there’s just enough room on each floor (my office is on the seventh of eight) for a row of small offices with windows (for faculty people) and, across the hall, a row of windowless nooks (for grad students). It’s sort of cozy–in a vertiginous kind of way! I’ve heard window office occupants call themselves cliff-dwellers–apt!


This department stands tall, August 31, 2016

Big changes ~


New condos, going up, August 29, 2016

Remember the sweet and romantic-looking mom and pop grocery with all the flowers–and a motorcycle–out front, in this post here? Well — look at what that site looks like now (above)! All that’s the same is the tree — but hurray that they saved that!

The above photo is both an “after” and a “before” picture; the one below, is a “before.” Stay tuned for photographic documentation of progress in both areas!


Some unpacking to do, August 29, 2016

The Boomerang recommends ~


Scone recipe, August 27, 2016

This scone recipe has been taped to a kitchen cupboard door here for a long time … the version that was baked this morning was a study in alterations! To wit: for the flour, one cup regular flour, one half cup coconut flour, and one half cup almond flour; for the oil, olive oil; for the sour cream, non-fat greek yogurt. Also: chocolate chips! Yum!