More building reflections ~


Astor Place reflections, October 31, 2016

The buildings being reflected in the windows of this building are some of the same ones being reflected in the windows of the building featured in this post here (almost two years ago!). This building is right across the street from that one, but since the windows in this one are curvy, they have some of the same reflections–quite the mirrored intersection!

Mystery writing ~


Sky-writing, October 29, 2016

On my way to farmers’ market today, I saw a bunch of people looking up at the sky, so I looked up too and first saw YOU, which became YOUT by the time I arrived at a good spot to take a picture. YOUT? I wondered, and went on my way … and by the time I looked up again, the writing, which I realize now probably grew to youth or youthful (?), had all blown away–like youth! huh!