Fred Eno launched the original “Boomerang” on November 24th 1917 (Thanksgiving Day that year) and published it weekly (pretty much) until 1926. With its first issue it was called “The Eno Weakly Boomerang: A Little Newspaper for Our Own Family.” In the second issue Fred reports, “All of the readers of the Boomerang are so strong for it that we have eliminated the third word in the previous heading.” Thereafter it was called “The Eno Boomerang” — with the same subtitle (“A Little Newspaper for Our Own Family”).

Fred Eno was Beth Eno’s father (i.e. Dick’s mother and the Rust kids’ grandmother). Fred and Mary (Miranda) Eno lived most of their adult lives in Des Moines, Iowa (where Dick was born). Dick recalls, “Fred was a printer, an after-dinner speaker, and raconteur. I remember him as a small man with a full mustache, soft spoken, reserved (as the father of five daughters might be at home), with a very subtle wit.” The latter is quite discernible in “The Eno Boomerang.”

In addition to showing off Fred’s wit, the original Boomerang was a journal of everyday stories (see the expanding archive of it here at the “Fred Eno’s Boomerang” tab!!), which is what I hope this new Boomerang will be as well: a log of stories and sightings (recollections, opinions, facts, family history and lore, musings, recipes, directions, you name it!) from the sublime to the ordinary to the ridiculous.

Header photograph: Hurricane Ridge, August 18, 2018.

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  1. Hi there. I don’t believe we’ve ever met, but I’m one of Enola Eno’s grandchildren. My name is David Rogers. I grew up in Des Moines, and now reside in Santa Fe. My mother is Marylou (Forsgren) Rogers. She and a little boy, who became her brother Bob, were adopted by Enola and her husband, C.O. Forsgren in 1935 or so and grew up in India where they were missionaries. I’m quite surprised to find this blog, and to learn of its origin with my great grandfather Fred. Although I’ve driven by their family home in DSM hundreds of times, used to live in the same neighborhood in fact, I really knew nothing about him until now. Thank you!
    I’m going to read the rest of the blog now. Please keep in touch!!

    • Hello David!

      This is so exciting! I think it didn’t get passed down to my branch of the family (my dad is Enola’s little sister Beth’s son) that Enola and her husband adopted children — wow! So I think your mother is a long-lost cousin of my dad’s and you and I are first cousins once-removed (right?)!! I’m so glad you found my blog — I’ll send the complete Boomerang to you at your e-mail address as an attachment. I love Santa Fe — will definitely look you up the next time I’m there! all best, Martha Rust

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