Victorian roof line ~


Victorian gable, turret, July 29, 2016

Colorful geometries: a yellow rising  sun in a right triangle, rows of blue-tinted glass rectangles on the surfaces of what could be … an octagonal cylinder … not to mention the conical cap roof on the turret … all tied together with slightly curving black lines!

Cacti in light and shade ~

Cacti, afternoon sun, July 27, 2016

A row of cactus at the edge of a parking lot — up close they’re looking on the stressed side, but from a distance, they make a fun collection of paddles catching the sun (or shade) at different angles.

In other news, the latest post on the original Boomerang is finished! Find it here — or just scroll down …

Shadow print ~


Large shadow “screen,” 7:50 PM July 26, 2016

Giant shadow “print” of a tree on a wall … for another shot of this kind (and a link to yet another), see this post here. It’s interesting that that photo and this one were taken on days roughly equidistant from the solstice (one about a month before and the other about a month after), yet this one was taken almost an hour later. Lots of variables are no doubt in play … but of course this locale is around 400 miles north and quite a bit west of the other.

Chickadee-dee-dees ~


Chickadee eyeing fountain, July 25, 2016

That black and white speck above and to the right of the fountain (it’s a very gently gurgling fountain)? If you can’t see it, well, that’s camouflage for you! In the photo below, the same black and white speck is sitting on the fountain edge (even harder to see!) …

Chickadee on fountain edge, July 25, 2016