Some floral light ~


Sodden yet bright Kniphofia, January 16, 2019

Another muted soggy day … but these flowers brightened the scene! As you can see from the picture of them at this site here, their tops tend usually to be more pointy than they are in my picture. That’s probably because they’re so drenched with rain! All good!


Red-Letter Day (Original Boomerang from February 24, 1924)!


Original Boomerang, February 24, 1924

Good grief — this one snuck up on me! I wonder what will be the news in the next original Boomerang? OH!!! Betty and Orville got married!… rather unceremoniously, after a basket-ball game! Well, congratulations to them! As we can see from the marriage certificate below (for a full-sized version click here), the actual date was February 16, and they were bona-fide young adults (at ages 24 and almost 22), old enough to decide among themselves to run off and get married.


And if they didn’t have a fancy wedding, it sounds like they had a fine reception because as the Boomerang man goes on to explain, Representative Heike Rust–Orville’s older brother and his wife (mentioned in a recent post here) put on a splendid dinner for “every bloomin’ member of the Eno-Rust aggregation.” Nice!

The rest of this issue can go without comment so that readers can absorb the main story. Readers could also take a look at the new and improved map at the “Boomerang World” tab in this blog. I’ve added Council Bluffs to it. Click on the red pin-points to learn something of the significance of each place in the world of the original Boomerang.