Off to the woods and again and a new publishing center (Original Boomerang for April 22, 1923)


Original Boomerang, April 22, 1923

In this issue of the original Boomerang, the Eno family is once again reveling in springtime and have been off again to the same woods of their picnic two weeks ago, this time bringing their neighbors Mr and Mrs Newell along too. The wildflowers seem to have been spectacular, and Mama brought home many transplants, which are now thriving in the yard under the lilacs. They’re doing so well that, as the Boomerang Man says, “every time we pass that way we have to stop and think whether we are wild Indians or ordinary white folks.” For some reason, that question doesn’t seem cringe-worthy at all … maybe because it’s at once curious and self-effacingly self aware? Something like that …. !

In other news, “Betty” has been appointed editor of the Des Moines University weekly paper! Her new job has turned “thirteen twenty-seven Twenty-fourth street” into a new publishing center complete with the sound of two busily clicking typewriters. I can almost picture it! There’s also another mention of Eula’s visit to the Great Wall of China and a note on the current whereabouts of Ruth: in LeRoy this week and Clio next … coaching plays all the while.

A busy April!