Mother with children — and pigeons ~

The James Fountain, January 30, 2013

The James Fountain, January 30, 2013

Walking by this statue several times a week, I always took it for a Virgin Mary. Come to find out, it’s not only not a Virgin Mary, it’s also not just a statue but a drinking fountain too — actually, several drinking fountains! In fact, according to this New York City Parks department site, it’s commonly known as the Union Square Drinking Fountain! Either that or the James Fountain, after philanthropist Willis James who donated it to the city with the aim of inspiring charity. You learn something every day! Also: very foggy here today with a high of 60!?

Pretty afternoon light ~

Magic hour in Apt. 58A, January 27, 2013

Magic hour in Apt. 58A, 4:45 PM January 27, 2013

The sun setting in the southwest glinting through west-facing windows and reflecting off of other windows makes for a lovely glow here of a winter afternoon! And then there’s the added grace of a Carol Hake painting with sunflowers and a Mike Rust (hard to see in this shot) of a fishing boat!