No locks, yes lox (altered sign #10) ~


Sign protest, April 29, 2017

Such a New York response to the originally Parisian problem of having too many lovers’ locks on bridges and the persistence of lovers continuing to put them there despite efforts to get them to stop. The unaltered version of this sign represents the anti-lock force: it says no locks at the top and yes love at the bottom — with a red heart below it (where this one has a sticker of a hamburger). It was very clever of the sign-alterers to change “love” into “lox”!

Cherry blossom curtain ~


Cherry blossoms, gothic revival architecture, April 24, 2017

This church (Grace Episcopal) has been featured in these pages a couple times already: the back of it is featured here, and another angle of the front is featured here. And both those posts reminded me that I have a series going called “Gothic New York” — I should get back on that!

Sunny day, happy tulips ~


Blown tulips, April 23, 2017

These days, every tree on Fifth Avenue (the part of it in my neighborhood, anyway) is surrounded by its own fenced-in crowd of tulips in all kinds of different colors–eye-popping! In other news, there’s finally some commentary on the latest original Boomerang post! Scroll down to find it or click here.