Sunny and snowy ~


A dusting of fresh snow, December 14, 2017

Fresh snow … but not SO cold — and with the kind of humidity in the air that reminds a person of spring skiing (i.e. right around 30 degrees) — nice!



“Park day again” (Original Boomerang for May 27, 1923)


Original Boomerang, May 27 1923

The spring of 1923 seems to have been a huge year for picnics for the Eno family! In this issue of the original Boomerang, written on a Sunday in late May, they were off again, this time headed for Grand View Park, which, as this site here explains, was founded in 1894 and is still very much a park! As it happened, though, they picked up Orville Rust (!!), his brother Art, and a third person (Paul Wells) to come along, which seems to have constituted “a load from a Baptist university,” which brought on rain! So much that as the Boomerang Man puts it, “for a few minutes everybody believed in emersion” — ha! Dick reports that Orville [aka Coach] went to Des Moines University, which was founded by Baptists. As this site here explains, it was located in Highland Park, which fits with Fred Eno’s mentioning that they went there to pick up this load of Baptists. Back to the picnic, though, the Boomerang Man goes on to say that because of the drenching, “we gave up our Grand views” and headed for Union Park instead, which was founded just a couple years earlier than Grand View and is also still a Des Moines city park (read all about it here). Of course by the time they got there, the rain had stopped, but that’s just how it goes. And what a spread they had: “roast chicken, potatoes, peas and pickles, noodles, bread, butter and strawberry short cake with whipped cream” — wow! That’s eye-popping but a bigger take-away thing to note in this story is that Orville has now become a regular feature in the pages of the Original Boomerang.

In other news, Ruth is getting quite handsomely paid for her drama coaching! She’s also on her way soon to visit sister Enola in Chicago. There’s also an interesting story involving carbon paper, the loss of it, it would seem … and it must have been used a lot in the publication of the Boomerang! And finally, the Monogram Stationery Company is still getting off the ground.


Fall; meet winter ~


Dusting of snow on red leaf, December 9, 2017

Yesterday’s forecast sure was right! It’s snowed and snowed all day long, and now the temperature’s heading into the 20s with a promise of sunshine and continued low temperatures for tomorrow … it should be a real winter wonderland out there by morning!


Forecast of tomorrow’s picture ~


Weather on the way, December 8, 2017

Today was another busy day with not a lot of hours of daylight; not only that, it was all cold and grey and overcast too, so this “picture” is in a certain way a picture from today, since today’s weather was forecasting tomorrow’s snow — which I’ll get a picture of!