This way ~


Pointer, July 23, 2017

A bold mosaic arrow pointing the way out of the Lake Merritt BART station. And … this would normally be the day when I’d post a new issue of the original Boomerang (I try to do that every two weeks), but I hadn’t yet written comments on the one I posted two weeks ago, having been shocked by the prospect of another Imle! I got over that today, and there are now comments on that issue, including an identification of this new member of the Imle club. Find it here.

A Shadow of many colors ~


Mulit-colored shadow, July 22, 2017

Who knew that a shadow can change color according to the color it’s projected on? These colored construction site barrier panels made a wonderful demonstration that a shadow can do that. That’s a little bit of the hand of the photographer in the lower right corner.