Tower of pink ~


Foxglove, May 18, 2018

More pink — but in a new shape!

Also, the forecast update on the Imle story: readers may recall the series of posts last year tracing the grand total of four Imles in the Eno family tree. (Find full reckoning, complete with chart in this post here.) Today Dick wrote noting that Havelock, whose American Legion post was named after Imle #4 (as noted in this post here), is in Pocahontas County (Northwest of Des Moines and near Fort Dodge, which is also mentioned frequently in the original Boomerang). Dick pointed out that the town of Laurens is in the same county and that … hooking the Eno clan up to another one we know … Laurens was the was the long time home of Teddy Shuttleworth’s mother (the grandmother of the Rust kids’ Shuttleworth second cousins)! A story for the “small world” category!

Rose trio ~


Trio of roses in a triangular arrangement, May 16, 2018

A photo to rival this rose photo of about eleven months ago (here).

p.s. I accidentally published this post yesterday as a page instead of as a blog post! Today’s post coming tomorrow morning to give readers a chance to savor this one …