White blossoms, blue sky, important monument ~


Tree beginning to bloom, Washington Square Arch, April 10, 2017

Spring seems to have arrived! We’ll know for sure when the ramps arrive. While admiring the beautiful day, my thoughts wandered again to the beauties of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport: the aforementioned free snacks (including granola and milk) and coffee? Served in and on actual porcelain cups and bowls!


Contrasts and gorgeous blue sky ~


Black and white and rainbow colors, December 27, 2016

The Silver Stone coffee and tea sign in this photo has the look of a renovated survival from the 1930s … and maybe it is? There’s also a small cafe called Silver Stone cafe just around the corner. As for the mural above it with all the colors of the rainbow and the words “The Sock,” I don’t know what it’s all about at all!