Inviting steps ~


Steps down, steps up, July 31, 2018

Though it might look the entry to a park, what with the sign identifying the creek, this scene is actually the entry to someone’s front “yard”! Best not to go in and wander around, alas!


Blossoms ~


Blossoming tree, July 30, 2018

Some kind of blossoming tree … which, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I think I can identify as a Lemon myrtle, Backhousia citriodora, tree. Read all about them at this site here (scroll down).

Also: see below for commentary (already!) on the original Boomerang posted yesterday.



California dreaming (Original Boomerang for November 25, 1923)


Original Boomerang, November 25, 1923

If the top story of this Thanksgiving issue of the original Boomerang sounds familiar, it does for a good reason: the Boomerang Man was raving about the California weather of last year’s Thanksgiving too (check it out here)! In this issue, his suggestion that “our west coast relatives” should come enjoy Iowa’s “California weather” is also caught my eye because it harkens back to the Riddle of the Numerous Imles, which was finally sorted out in this message here of just over a year ago. In the issue discussed in that post (from January 21, 1923), the Boomerang Man mentioned “Uncle Im, Rufus, and all of our California members of the Eno tribe.” Who were all of these California members, one wonders? One wonders especially because research being conducted on the Gold Rush has uncovered an Eno–Henry Eno–who went out to California in 1849 and stayed there. Curiously, he was born almost the same year as the senior-most Imle (that Imle was born in 1797, Henry in 1798), and they were both born in New York. Henry had no known children, but his brother William (born in 1800) had a son named (drum roll … ) Rufus! Not the Rufus mentioned in the original Boomerang of January 1923, though; that Rufus is likely the one born in 1860; William’s son was born in 1845. It seems like there must be some familial connection between them though … ? We’ll see if any more clues are uncovered!

Back to Thanksgiving of 1923, the Boomerang Man has just had a birthday, and it sounds like he is feeling well feted … a good distraction for the current uncertainty about the future of Talbott and Eno!


Symmetry #49


Crow-stepped gable, July 27, 2018

A sweet house just down the hill from where we’re staying just now–with a nice example of what they call a crow-stepped gable (read all about this design feature at this site here). The building is not as symmetrical as it first appears, though: there’s one fewer step on the right side of the gable than on the left! It takes a minute to notice it since so many of the other elements of the picture (e.g. the gate, the arch over it …) are symmetrical. The slight lack of symmetry is very nice though, I think!


Library whimsy ~


Yarn-bombed chair back, July 26, 2018

For the “how Berzerkeley can you be?” category: a yarn-bombed chair back (one of many!) on the wonderful children’s floor of the downtown Berkeley library. I was there wanting to make a copy of the chapter in The Wind and the Willows (called “Wayfarers All”) that features the vagabond sea rat, which I succeeded in doing … here’s a sample of it (the sea rat has just described his visit to Constantinople):

Thence we turned and coasted up the Adriatic, its shores swimming in an atmosphere of amber, rose, and aquamarine; we lay in wide land-locked harbours, we roamed through ancient and noble cities, until at last one morning, as the sun rose royally behind us, we rode into Venice down a path of gold. O, Venice is a fine city, wherein a rat can wander at his ease and take his pleasure! Or, when weary of wandering, can sit at the edge of the Grand Canal at night, feasting with friends, when the air is full of music and the sky full of stars …

Just a taste of the sea rat’s mesmerizing travel “writing”!