A trio of succulents ~


Bright stripes, January 29, 2019

The desert garden plants were all so pretty today! I couldn’t resist posting three photos instead of the usual one. The sky was overcast today, so maybe that made the plants’ colors a little more rich? Here’s another …


Radiant wheel, January 29, 2019

And …. another!


Beautiful blue-green, January 29, 2019


Are you eligible? (Original Boomerang for March 30, 1924)


Original Boomerang for March 30, 1924

It’s been another busy week of coming and going around the Eno homestead! There’re also quite a few mentions of people going off the California — you’d think it was the Gold Rush! The most fun part of the issue, though, has to do with a kind of litmus test for whether or not a person is “eligible for the Boomerang klan.” I will let readers check it out themselves. It’s in the next to the last paragraph (not counting the last line). Are you eligible? This Boomerang blogger is happy to say that she is! 🙂

Addendum: The heading for the second story in this issue, “Yes, We Have No Lunch Tonight,” will likely call to mind the song “Yes! We Have No Bananas.” Well! It might interest folks to know that that song was published in July of 1923, and became a big hit not long after (read all about it at this site here), so when this Original Boomerang was published in March of 1924, the song was still pretty much still hot off the press and in everyone’s ears.


Spray of yellow ~


Acacia baileyana purpurea, January 26, 2019

I know … what’s so purple (“purpurea”) about this bright yellow blossoming shrub? It seems it’s famous for its purple leaves, examples of which are faintly visible toward the middle upper edge of this picture. Find lots more pictures of it at this site here.


Big bird ~


Big cute bird on a wall, January 25, 2019

Approaching this parking structure today, it at first looked like it “just” had some kind of big bold geometric design on it–stripes and a triangle–but then as I got pretty much across from it, I saw … it was a bird! So whimsical!