A three-fer ~


Blue-ceilinged porch, March 4, 2020

Ooph … things got busy (and rainy!), so I missed two days of posting photos. To catch up, here’re three for today. First, a continuation on the theme of “dirt-dauber blue”! Readers will remember from this post here that folks in the south have a tradition of painting the ceilings of their porches blue as a way of discouraging a certain bug from hanging out there. Well … here we have exhibit A of such a porch! The color isn’t exactly what I’d call dirt-dauber / carolina blue … but it’s definitely blue!

Then on to a couple other sightings from today …


Brick, greenery, March 4, 2020

A brick wall adorned with green and framed by green … and a curiously windowed (and green!) van …


Paned-window, van, March 4, 2020

Carolina blue and … orange ~


So many colors! February 16, 2020

I love the color combo in this photo, but I especially love the blue so wondered if I could identify its “pantone.” It turns out (what do you know!?) it’s one of the pantones (either 278c or 542c) that gets called “carolina blue” (read all about it at this site here–scroll down to find the pantone swatches). When I posted this photo on instagram as “carolina blue,” a friend commented that in Mississippi, this blue is what they call “dirt dauber blue” because if you paint it on the ceiling of your porch, the dirt daubers (read about them here –they’re also called mud daubers) will think it’s the sky and (according to a logic that’s not quite clear to me) leave the porch. Sherman Williams, an outfit invested in porch paint, has a great discussion on the topic of blue porch ceilings. Find it here.