Pink blossoms, blue windows ~


Pink blossoms, blue-ish windows, April 12, 2017

Such a pretty color combination! And in other news, I have a little information on the architectural ornament in this post here. It seems that especially with regard to its outer shape, that it’s in the general category of arabian ornament: e.g. like sample #12 in the chart below from The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones (1809-1874).



White blossoms, blue sky, important monument ~


Tree beginning to bloom, Washington Square Arch, April 10, 2017

Spring seems to have arrived! We’ll know for sure when the ramps arrive. While admiring the beautiful day, my thoughts wandered again to the beauties of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport: the aforementioned free snacks (including granola and milk) and coffee? Served in and on actual porcelain cups and bowls!