Fall solstice news round-up

“Indian Summer” is definitely in full force here in NYC–lots of sunny days in the 70s (ahh!)–which, along with the onset of Fall semester, must mean it’s about officially Fall. So this post is a wrap-up of end-of-the summer goings-on, as reported, mostly, by Dick and David and Nancy (the end of summer birthday kids, in fact!). Dick reported on a mini family gathering at Lopez:

As we were getting ready to leave for Lopez, David called to let us know that they would anchor in Mud Bay Friday, and Saturday. (They ended up staying Sunday night also, because of heavy winds in the open water of Puget Sound.) So they toured the Art Tour on Saturday; Nancy and I did it Sunday. Mike and Julia had separate shows, both  really good. Julia’s show was in the 100+ year old house at Gary Buffum’s farm, while Mike’s was at his studio at “The Wood Lot.” Mike and Julia came over Sunday evening to share abundant crabs, and “Meatloaf For The Marquis” Sunday. Also served, Lopez Winery Siegeriebe, and Malbec. Janice insisted that I learn how, so we put out our crab pot Sunday night, and picked it up, with Alexa’s expert help Monday morning. We caught three–two that were two small and a female–so all went back to the water. But David caught 6–two too small, the rest male, so we had plenty of food for Sunday night’s unplanned dinner.

I had a note from David about this gathering too:

Last week we spent Labor Day weekend holed up in Mud Bay avoiding storms and enjoying Nancy’s and Dick’s hospitality.  On Monday morning, when the storms subsided, we left Lopez Island for a long one day trip to Seattle, we crossed paths with two outbound Oil tankers escorted by two Foss Tugs as we rounded the south east end of Lopez Island.  Seeing escorting Tugs are always a reminder of Nancy’s work to protect Puget Sound from the possibilities of an oil spill. (Happy Birthday again Nancy!)

Dick’s note went on to mention an opening at Chimera Gallery for Mike on September 12 (congrats Mike!). The show runs through October 9 and features the painting showcased here (among others!).Ober
It sounds like Nancy and Dick had a great celebration of her birthday! It included biking on the Burke-Gillman trail, lunch at Ray’s Boathouse, and dinner at Ten Mercer before seeing A Year of Magical Thinking. And oh right, a couple book and book-related presents!

Dick also reported on the bird-banders who are using Nancy and Dick’s yard to do some of their census taking (very exciting!):

Last evening the bird-banders were here at dusk to plan there project. While they were here, they identified a hawk (in the big maple down in back), a mourning dove, and a towhee. While we were standing in the yard they pointed out bats flying hither and yon in the dying sunset. Wow!

Wow indeed — happy fall!