Yellows ~


Many yellows, November 30, 2017

These yellows caught my eye as I was waiting to cross the street … the stop hand (on the crosswalk light) is actually red, but must have been catching the light in a way that made it look yellow.


Quick and good ~


Pasta, salmon, November 28, 2017

For a busy day when the sun went down (hence no more outdoor photo ops) before I knew it: that pasta, creme fraiche, and salmon dish — plus spinach! (oops! forgot to press the “publish” button on this last night!)


Also from the new batch of photos ~


Beah, Nancy, and Carol, circa … 1938?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled bi-weekly Sunday evening publication of the Original Boomerang to present this gem from the aforementioned newly discovered cash of family photos. What a beautiful threesome! (Also: that’s a very nice top that Beah’s wearing … I wonder if she made it herself?)

“Increasing clouds” ~


Whorl of clouds, 10:15 AM, November 25, 2017

The weather forecast for today was sunny in the morning with increasing clouds. Well, here they are increasing! They look downright foreboding, which they didn’t turn out to be … but the photo was taken into the sun, which made everything else look pretty dark.


Discovery in the archives ~


Adelia St. John, date unknown

I was on a campaign this morning to go through a small clutch of CDs to see what was on them, and I had a fun surprise! One of them contained many photos of the “family history” variety that I didn’t realize (or had forgotten) I had, including this one, whose file name was Adelia St. John! So Adelia now has a face, which will also be added to the “people” page of this site. Read all about her in this post here.