Stealth announcement of Gladice’s wedding? (Original Boomerang for April 9, 1922)


Original Boomerang, April 9, 1922

This issue of the original Boomerang includes a shining example of the Boomerang Man’s sly wit, in the form of a brazen act of burying the lead. Hidden (or “hidden”) in the item entitled “The Matrimonial Situation,” we discover that Gladice is getting married in June! Out of “five pretty girls,” the one third from the left (or right) would be Gladice, and if the “dressmaking department” is already “working overtime,” then it seems that the wedding is more of a certainty than the Boomerang Man’s “we rather think” would imply. Anyway: very exciting! Alas, after this issue, there are some issues missing in the archive of this “international publication”–the next one I have is for November 19, 1922–so we don’t have its report of the big day. Luckily, records of the state of Iowa do record it, so we can celebrate that and Gladice’s marriage to Fred Phumphrey now (the date was June 20).


Gladice and Fred wed, June 20, 1922

I believe the people listed in the third and sixth columns of this document are witnesses?


What’s wrong with this picture?


Spring in February, 5:25 PM February 24, 2017

The window is open (with a screen in), and it’s February! The mercury hit 70 here today, but it’s a relief to know that that actually isn’t a record for this day. Evidently it’s been that warm on February 24th seven times before, the last time in 1997!