Fun ferry custom

Ferry Puzzle, February 24, 2012

Back on the Sealth ferry heading for Lopez Island! A fun custom on some Washington State Ferries is to work on jigsaw puzzles during a crossing. The puzzles are set out on a selection of tables, like this one, and anyone who wants to is invited to fit a piece or two in.

Silver Star architecture

Silver Star gingerbread, February 23, 2012

Silver Star architecture is VERY colorful with lots of “gingerbread” ornament, as shown here . . . but the first ski cabins here were these very interesting A-frames with just a bit of a curve to the A shape, like this one:

Silver Star bowed A-Frame

For a look at the insides of this curvy cabin, click here.

(Interesting architecturally but not ski in and out like our condo!)

Skiing nordic

Two happy Nordic skiers, February 22, 2012

Also my Nordic ski instructors and coaches! This was my first time ever on cross-country skis (fun, different!) and such a beautiful day too. Amy thinks we skied about 8 kilometers! That was in the morning; Amy and Lib are going out for more this afternoon (I’m tuckered!).