The Ides of March

Morning Ides of March observations from Dick:

The first Monday of Daylight Savings for this year. I went for my morning run: the Indian plum is well leafed out, the tall mahonia blossoms are bursting bright yellow, the flowering currant has started to bloom, the early rhododendrons, and camelia are flourishing, there are even the first hesitant braques on the dogwood trees.The service berry will be brilliant in a day or two. There is new snow on the Olympics, and promising morning sunlight. Amidst all this glory, I am struck by how truly ugly a truncated Douglas fir is!

And a photo of the Olympics courtesy of Perils of Caffeine in the Evening Blog:

Snow on the Olympics

2010 Winter Olympics!

The Olympic Torch

We went to the Winter Olympics to watch Holly Brooks race in the women’s 4 X 5 K Cross Country Relay.  Holly was in our Treasure Trails Cross Country Ski Program when we first started in the 80’s.  She then was an assistant with us for a few years.  Her parents were also instructors at the Nordic Center.  It was exciting to share the Olympic experience with Holly’s family and our instructor friends.  Below are some pictures.

Holly racing.

Holly and her team mate Kikhan after the relay race.

Go Holly Sign. The biggest fan sign at the venue.

Our ski friends Jeff and Joy.

Entering the Olympic Venue.

Lib waiting for the race to start.

Holly's Dad.