Back-lit spring green leaves ~


Spring green, purple, May 12, 2017

Pretty, sunny late afternoon, as witnessed by the light shining through these fresh new green leaves. The tree is next to First Presbyterian church on 5th Avenue, which has been featured in these pages before (here). It turns out it’s quite a historic building, and the church/congregation as an institution has even more history than that! Read all about both here.

Select pink petals ~


Pink cherry blossom cluster, April 14, 2017

A select cluster of petals and a fine success (if I do say so myself) with my phone’s camera’s “selective focus” feature!. It did well on another cluster of cherry blossom petals back in February of 2016, as featured in this post here.

Pink blossoms, blue windows ~


Pink blossoms, blue-ish windows, April 12, 2017

Such a pretty color combination! And in other news, I have a little information on the architectural ornament in this post here. It seems that especially with regard to its outer shape, that it’s in the general category of arabian ornament: e.g. like sample #12 in the chart below from The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones (1809-1874).