Public art ~


Mandala of ceramic shards, July 12, 2018

Just one small section of a sprawling work of public art called Potter’s Wall by Andrew Werby. Read all about it at this site here (created sometime in the 70s). The picture below is a closer look, which shows that the red circle is actually made of heart-shaped ceramic pieces and that the radiating orange bits are ceramic carrots. It also gives a closer view of the little ducky below the circle of red hearts.

Version 2


Red brick and dapples ~


Multi-textured view, July 10, 2018

This scene caught my eye because of all of its wonderful shades of red brick along with the rough-textured tree trunk and its dark green leaves. On looking at it further it also has great examples of dappled light: the spots on the street and the bigger ones near the wall. Along with the dapples there are also shadows of the tree’s leaves on the wall. A lot going on!