Spring watch foiled

So much for Manhattan spring watch; a day after my *inaugural* post, we got almost a foot of snow! The great photo here of Morningside Park on March 2nd is courtesy of the New York Times website. Winter in NYC (and on the east coast in general) is just always so much longer than a person is ready for! But then we’re total “wimps” compared to folks in the mid-west — or Vermont!

Morningside Park March 2, 2009

Morningside Park March 2, 2009

Seattle’s on an on-again-off-again trend toward spring too: David wrote on March 8th, “the crocuses are up and most trees have visible buds, but we had an inch or less of snow last night” and again on the Ides of March, “we woke up to snow this morning with snowflakes at least an inch in diameter. The day continued with periods of intense downpours of rain and wind followed by periods of brilliant sunshine again — more signs of spring when it can make up its mind.” Not to mention a day of playing hooky to go skiing with Mark:”there was again snow at his house in Kent when I picked him up and we skied in light powder all day! A great day for the only one this year.” Hurray that that the only day this year would include light powder!!

Greetings! and welcome to the Boomerang Blog!

We’re on full-time spring watch here in Manhattan! The only signs of it so far are the longer days, which is always an exciting development in itself, of course. The sidewalks and tops of cars are dusted with snow this morning with more of the white stuff in the forecast. Here’s a wonderful snow related story David sent me back in December (thanks David!) with the subject line “A Real Snow (Coffee) Emergency”:

Snowy Starshine December 2009

Snowy Starshine December 2008

We have had lots of snow here! I think it has been more than a week now since it started, but the big snow came Saturday night, Alexa was planning to go see a play with Nancy & Dick but with ice everywhere and the big storm predicted to arrive around 5:00 PM, Dick decided they should cancel and try again another time. Unlike most predictions the storm actually arrived on time and it snowed on and off all night and for most of Sunday. Saturday night Alexa and I walked down to the boat to see how Starshine was faring and I shook the snow off of the cover. Sunday morning Alexa and I skied around the neighborhood and then late on Sunday night we repeated the trip down to the boat but this time on skis. We skied down the ramp at the marina and all the way out the dock. After a quick look at a very snowy boat we turned around and skied back home.

This morning I decided to work from home instead of digging out and putting on chains, but as I went to make a second pot of coffee I discovered our coffee grinder had broken, this meant digging out and putting on chains could not be avoided.

A true snow emergency, indeed! (:

Onward to spring now: here’re a wonderful few lines on spring from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies (if I may be so lit’rary, right here in my very first post!):

Yes, the springtimes needed you. Many a star was waiting
for your eyes only. A wave swelled toward you
out of the past, or a violin surrendered itself
as you walked by an open window.

See the first in a series of Manhattan spring watch photos in “snap shot alley” — I’ll post anyone else’s local spring watch (or other) photos too!