Happy August Birthdays and Family Gathering Highlights

First, Happy Birthday to all the August birthday kids (all of them; I left out a couple in the toasts last Saturday — they promise they took no offense!): two big ones, Margaret and Dick, and a crowd of getting-up there ones: Julia, David, and Leslie! All those Leos adds up to a regular “pride of Lions”!

A wonderful and memorable time was had by all last weekend at the gathering here on Lopez. At the top of the list of highlights was the toast to Arcadia and Rodney, congratulating them on their wedding — and thanking them for giving us the excuse to all get together! Here’re the two of them plus the proud and happy mother of the bride (photo by Amy):

cheers! August 6, 2011

The toast was followed by the now-traditional wedding celebration dish, Greek Stew (transcript of Nancy’s recipe here) and for dessert, carrot cake from the Lopez Island cookbook (recipe for that here).

Another highlight was the revival of a really old family tradition: the sing-along! This episode truly bemused some of the gathered crowd, illustrated in this photo:

Sing out!

We ventured way past the prepared song-sheet, to be published in another post; in the meantime, the Boomerang blogger is open to suggestions for additions!

Other highlights . . .

The puzzle masters, Alexa and Martin . . .

hard at work

and the finished puzzle:

You guessed it: a Lopez Island puzzle!

The walk to Iceberg Point:

. . . with stops to talk . . .

And Martha’s and Leslie’s amazingly cute rental car (Fiat 500):

first in line for the ferry!

Suggestions are now being taken for the next “excuse” for getting together!