Original Boomerang, first issue

Original Boomerang: November 24, 1917Here begins the second post in the family history series, this one an annotation of the first issue of the original Boomerang, created by Fred Eno, Dick’s grandfather (Betty’s father). Click on the thumbnail image to the left, which will open a new tab with a full size image of the issue. (When you move your cursor over the image, it will probably turn into a magnifying glass; if it does, click on the image, and you’ll get a much bigger version!) Dick and I talked about this issue last summer (over the cleaning of many delicious mussels!), but of course now I’m not sure where those notes went. So I need some help identifying some things at the very beginning, including what and where “Camp Dodge” is and who or what Amelia is! Past that, I can affirm that Beth is the Rust kids’ grandmother Betty! The sisters who are being spared cutting remarks (can you imagine?) were all elder; in order they were Eula, Enola, Gladys, and Ruth, for a total of five Eno girls. Beth was born in 1902, so on November 24, 1917, she would have been a very wise and grown-up 15.

At the top of the second column, Fred mentions the “1918 Hup” coming out and points out that it’s 600 pounds lighter and a foot shorter than Pattie; they’re both cars! Here’s a photo of a 1918 Hupmobile.xdevito

West and East Highs were two high schools in Des Moines; see the 1905 Annual for West here! East High–the “other guys”–seems to be in the business still; here’s its site. Who was the Eno family’s representative at the game festivities, I wonder?

Waveland acres? Seems to me it was a kind of suburb of Des Moines waiting to happen (did the Enos own some land there)? The Waveland Cafe was featured in the National Geographic’s “Intelligent Traveler” blog recently!