Yarn bomb #3

Yarn bomb, August 7, 2012

[For some mysterious reason, my post from yesterday disappeared or got overwritten! Here it is again, to the best of my recollections . . . and see below for today’s!]
A DIY, “vernacular” anonymous sequel to yesterday’s Blue Trees, this wee grove of yarn-bombed trunks and limbs is growing in the center island of the traffic round-about at the five-corner intersection of Minor, Union, and Bellevue.

Redwood with dramatic evening sky ~

Evening light, 7:15 June 21, 2012

After all the sun we’ve had the past several days with its busily evaporating moisture, today was foggy and overcast all day until evening when it started to look like it was maybe possibly burning off, around the time of this picture.

In other news, this just in, related to my yarn-bombing post of a few days ago: a happy ending to a kerfuffle at Berkeley’s North Branch Library. For the story by the artist herself, go here.