Photos, lots, and a new washer and wringer (Original Boomerang for July 21, 1921)


Original Boomerang, July 21, 1921

The big news in this issue of the original Boomerang is a new washing machine! That is big news, and it doesn’t stop there: the Eno household has a new wringer too! Some readers will know what the Boomerang man means when he says that the washer “sounds like a Singer”: it sings, like a Singer sewing machine! But what does he mean when he says it runs like a Wheeler and Wilson? Wheeler and Wilson was another kind of sewing machine! I gather it ran well even if it didn’t sing; find ad of unknown date below showing the happy arrival of one to its new home.

50.-Wheeler-and-Wilson-arrival-posterNow that we know the Enos have a new washer and wringer, I wonder if they also already have a sewing machine? And if they’re partisans of the Singer or Wheeler and Wilson camp?

In other news, it seems that the returning Enola has been in the newspaper (along with Ada Scott — not sure who she is) since the Boomerang man says that the photos of the two of them are from the Sunday Capital.

And back on the new appliances: the Boomerang man also offers in this issue a really helpful review of the various lots they’ve had and houses they’ve traded them for — what a wheeler-dealer!