View north from Tank Hill Park

View from Tank Hill Park, January 28, 2012

It was a gorgeous, clear day in San Francisco today! Arcadia and I walked up to Tank Hill Park and enjoyed this breath-taking view. Can you see the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge there in the distant center of the photo?! (See Snapshot Alley to the right or click on “more photos” at the bottom of Snapshot Alley to see a shot of the view east.)

Then we rambled on and, partly with the aid of the GPS system in my phone (woo-hoo!), found a pretty path through the “Interior Green Belt,” which led from the corner of Johnstone and Behr Streets all the way down to Stanyan Street, which was near where we were parked — nifty! You can see the path–it’s the one that starts out being “Fairy Gates Trail” and ends up being “Historic Trail” on the map below (click on it to make it bigger).

Tank Hill Park and Interior Greenbelt

Mac and cheese night!

mmmm! (dinner, January 26, 2012)

One of our errands a few errand days ago involved acquiring a pair of Le Crueset “au gratin” dishes for the express purpose of making wonderful Belgian-style macaroni and cheese (that’s with gruyere — mmm!!), and tonight Leslie made it (using a Martha Stewart recipe), and as the photographic evidence suggests, it was dee-lishus!!

Tesla sighting!

Tesla on Shattuck Avenue, January 25, 2012

. . . Leslie saw it first–the sleek lines and the cooool ice blue–then I made out the letters on the back (“I see an L and an A . . . could it be a Tesla?”) and, finally, the logo proof on the hood . . . of course we’d also seen one last summer in a show room window in Monaco, this shot taken from our passing bus!

Tesla showroom in Monaco, June 2011