At the sign of the bike ~

Downtown Berkeley Bike Station, June 30, 2012

Two years old this coming July 13, Berkeley’s Bike Station (as the Berkeleyside blog explains) is the product of a partnership between BART and the city and “offers convenient, free valet-parking space for cyclists commuting via the Downtown Berkeley BART, as well as repair facilities, a retail store and amenities designed to turn novice cyclists into enthusiasts.” It has 268 bike parking spaces and costs three cents an hour!

Onward and upward (hurray!)!

Affordable Care Act upheld! June 28, 2012

Having the Supreme Court uphold a game-changing piece of legislation at 10:00 AM on the east coast makes for a lovely morning indeed on the “left coast”! And what a boost for the future gov of Washington State too, what with his opponent having been among the AGs who brought the losing suit. Go Jay!

The Boomerang recommends . . .

Message in a bottle (from Cassis!), June 26, 2012

Part of the enjoyment of this wine is reveling in memories of being in Cassis (already!) three Junes ago, but wine aficionados like it too; this blog for instance, calls Clos Sainte Magdeleine’s blanc “a masterpiece of near perfection.” For a thorough write-up of the Close Ste Magdeleine vineyard, the Cassis A.O.C., and a slide show with beautiful shots of the Cassis environs, see this page at the Kermit Lynch website (the folks from whom this particular once-full bottle was purchased!).

On Sunday (on Monday)

A comment (in an e-mail from Dick) on my cirrocumulous cloud post that’s a blog post in itself:

Despite your nice picture of cirrus clouds predicting good weather, our skies were overcast this morning, but not raining, for a change! Breakfast was blueberry pancakes. I miscalculated, and thawed twice as many blueberries as needed. No complaints were heard. The Seattle Times, as meager as it is, took two hours and 6 cups of coffee to consume. Finally, we were assured that it was not going to rain, there being a modicum of blue sky.  A leisurely walk down the Paul Pigott Memorial corridor, to see the summer water feature, and a stroll through the upper part of Freeway Park led us to University Street. At Fourth Ave., our way was blocked by a marching band, crowds on the sidewalk and the annual Pride Parade. After the parade had passed, we continued on down to Seattle Art Museum. I thought we were going to see a couple of shows that were about to close. Instead, we came on the opening day of a new show, Modern Aboriginal Art. This is an expansive show of art by aboriginal Australian artists, doing traditional, ancient art, mostly in traditional style and with indigenous materials. So impressive, that we pooped out before seeing it all.We’ll get another chance, I’m sure.

Having used up our legs, we were ready for whatever meal happens on Sunday afternoon, too late for lunch and too early for dinner. In this case, moules, at Maxmillien’s out door patio. With a bottle of Oregon Pinot Gris, and a large bowl of mussels each, we managed to stretch Sunday morning into the very late afternoon. Walking back to Horizon House we got tangled up in the holiday spirit of a national convention of the building trades heading out to party night. And here we are, a nice sunset, mostly reflected in our view, a book each about the Balkans, and, perhaps some Washington Pinot Gris before bed.

Sounds lovely!

Stray shopping cart #2

False stray cart, June 25, 2012

Using the taxonomy of stray shopping carts already referred to in another post, I’m going to call this cart a variation on Class A, type 3 (“Bus Stop Discard False Stray”). There is a bus stop near to where this cart was spotted, but it would appear that it’s been discarded at the door of an apartment building and not at the bus stop. Given that it’s a Berkeley Bowl cart and that the Bowl is right across the street from this apartment building, the cart can’t be a Class A, Type 9 (“Remote False”) since it doesn’t meet the requirement of being “situated outside a two-block radius of the source.”