Happy 11/11/11!

What a day, what a day — what a ONE day! There was so much comment on it all over the internets, that I’ll start with a sampling of that.

First there was a  story (here) about Egypt closing the largest of the Giza pyramids following rumors of a number of groups’ plans to hold various kinds of religious rites there in honor of this big day for ones.

The round-up of 11s in the San Francisco Chronicle (here) is a regular treasure chest of eleven-lore, including the 11s of Veterans’ Day (very interesting!):

The 11’s behind Veterans Day. Originally called Armistice Day, Veterans Day is celebrated Nov. 11 in observation of the end of hostilities during World War I. The Department of Veterans Affairs website notes that fighting in World War I ceased thanks to an armistice between the Allied nations and Germany. That armistice went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

As Boomerang readers will know from my 11/1/11 post, 11/11/11 is a binary day, and this site proclaims today the “Greatest Binary Day of All.” If you scroll down, you’ll find a link to a “binary decoder” along with some zeros and ones to plug into it . . . which lead, in turn, to a link, which leads to a website that features a YouTube video featuring a song about the number ONE!! It’s a fun trail to follow, but if you’d like to cut to the chase, click here.

To those stories I’ll add the further observation that the very pattern of mono-numerical dates features the number eleven: that is, the dates 2/2/22, 3/3/33, 4/4/44, and so on occur 11 years (and one month) apart, and the dates 1/1/01, 2/2/02, 3/3//03, and so on occur 11 months (and one day) apart — nifty!

To top off the celebration of 11s, here are 11 words that rhyme with eleven:

1. seven
2. heaven
3. leaven
4. oven
5. neven (Middle English for “to name”)
6. Evan
7. Kevin
8. Stephen
9. Andre Previn
10. (from here they get more creative . . . ) engines revin’
11. L-leven-lovin’ (!!)

Going once, going twice . . . bon voyage 18747!!

It was full to the brim with our memories, and now less than a month (wow!) after its one-weekend open house, 18747 is set to begin a new chapter and be filled with the memories of a NEW family! Here are a couple interesting documentary photos, one from the realtor’s website of the momentous transition (SOLD!) . . .

From the 36O Modern website







aerial view








. . .  and the second of Nancy and Dick’s amazing stewardship of the lot over 50-some years — made all the more graphic by the “clear-cut” next door — look how luxuriant!

And a parting one, a picture of a new moon (that slender brightness on the horizon) taken from the deck, my last evening there, August 31, 2011 . . .

New Moon, August 31, 2011

Follow up to 11/1/11

Exhibit A of the Boomerang readership’s great minds thinking alike: this postcard I received from Nancy yesterday (mailed on 11/1/11) — thanks!

One of those (binary) days!

Mt Rainier


The front side of the postcard is beautiful too . . .

11/1/11: A Binary Day

Today, 11/01/11 is a uniquely amazing day in that it’s one of not many dates in the binary category: that is, dates comprised entirely of zeros and/or ones (so note that a person can’t write out the date as 11/1/2011 and still count it as binary)! As The Huffington Post points out, 2011 has quite the bumper crop of them with (count them) NINE binary dates: 1/1/11, 1/10/11, 1/11/11, 10/1/11, 10/10/11, 10/11/11, 1/1/11, 11/10/11, and, the much anticipated 11/11/11! (You can read more about these dates here.) As HuffPo also notes, after 11/11/11, we’ll have to wait ninety years for another binary date! So start taking your vitamins and doing your jumping jacks people!