Further up the tree: Craven and Nancy Shuttleworth

Craven Shuttleworth, circa 1850s?

Craven Shuttleworth, circa 1854?

Craven and Nancy Shuttleworth were the parents of William D. Shuttleworth (the white-haired gentleman in the photo featured in this post here). Craven, pictured above, was born in 1827 in Yorkshire in England; his future bride, Nancy Ann Kayley, was born in Yorkshire, in 1834 in the Black Horse Inn in Hellifield (which is to say that she was born at home since her family owned the inn!). The seventeenth-century inn has been renovated recently and gets high marks on Trip Adviser; find a picture of it here. (Alas we don’t seem to have a picture of our ancestor who was born there.) Nancy and Craven came to the US as newly-weds in 1854 and settled in Wisconsin. The 1880 census has them living in Fennimore (in Grant county) and lists Craven as a dry goods merchant. There’s more to say about Craven, which will appear in a future post on his son William; in the meantime, here’s a good story about how our Nancy came to be Craven’s wife’s Nancy’s namesake. Beah and Frank were visiting Nanny and Pawpaw (aka Blanche and William Shuttleworth) when they were expecting Nancy and were looking through a name book … when they came across the name Nancy, Pawpaw said that that was his mother’s name, and … the rest (as they say) is history!

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