Rainy day, bright colors ~


Sidewalk color collage, March 31, 2017

I passed this chair today and kept walking … for half a block or so and then turned around to go back and take a picture of it! And then as it happened, a bright yellow cab was just stopping, and I hadn’t noticed the splash of spring green on the fire hydrant or the purple and royal blue of the pole, so while I’d turned around for the robin-egg blue of the chair (not to mention the novelty of such a chair on the sidewalk!), I wound up with a whole fun palette of colors! And it truly was a rainy day: rain, rain, rain, all the livelong day!


Stairwell view ~


Lines, angles, rectangles, March 29, 2017

One of many interesting views from the stairwell of the wonderfully labyrinthine building occupied by NYU’s Silver School of Social work (its entrance was featured in this post here). Its stairwell has so many windows (and is so big), that one suspects its cubic feet were once devoted to rooms. Also: get a load of that blue sky!!

“California Thanksgiving” and other expansive developments (Original Boomerang for December 3, 1922)


Original Boomerang, December 3, 1922

In this issue of the original Boomerang, it’s an unseasonably warm early December, so much so that, as the Boomerang Man says, the lilac bush in the yard appears “swelled up” over the “aristocratic weather.” In other garden news, this year’s yield of cannas bulbs is also swell. They’ve been dug up and cleaned and stored in a “cool dry place”; the Boomerang Man hopes they’ll “behave themselves till the robins come again”! (Read all about cannas here.)

Meanwhile, it seems like things are coming up roses for Ruth and for Talbott and Eno printers. The latter is working on a job for the Harris-Emery Department store (find a photo of that establishment below)–13,000 Happy New Year cards–and the former has had an audition with the Midland Chautauqua Circuit and has received quite an impressive gift from “a young man in Philadelphia”–one Frank Tybesky, perhaps? For more about Frank and Ruth and about Ruth’s potential for getting a contract on the chautauqua circuit, see this post here.