Empty Nest at 1327 24th St (Original Boomerang for February 10, 1924)


Original Boomerang, February 10, 1924

The top story in this issue of the original Boomerang describes a bit of a lonesome situation, but also provides a great run-down of the whereabouts and endeavors of the five Eno “young ladies”: beginning with the oldest and moving to the youngest, Dr Eula is in China, Enola is doing graduate work at the University of Chicago, Gladice is living way out east on Staten Island, Ruth is Clio (this week) “coaching readers,” and Betty “has packed up her duds and is trying out the dorm at Des Moines University” — but just for two weeks. Maybe she’ll be back!?

Another story of interest has to do with the planned entertainment for the Brotherhood, for which the Boomerang Man is “responsibility.” It sounds like some laughs will be had since the plan involves some funny competition in singing a funny song: “Grandmother’s Old Arm Chair.” Find the lyrics to the song here, and a recording of it (accompanied by ukulele) here. To add to the comedy, some performers will get up on boxes “to reach the high notes.”


Bright building, dark sky ~


Storm brewing? 5:10 PM October 28, 2018

This was the view uptown today at around 5:10 PM: the low sun shining on the tall building creating a striking contrast with the gathering clouds in that direction. Nothing came of them until late in the evening!

In other news, there are now some remarks on the most recently posted original Boomerang! Scroll down or get to it through this link here.

Sky painting ~


Delicate, bold, October 26, 2018

Strong lines and bold blotches of color combined with delicate sprinklings … and a note on yesterdays picture: I discovered that I’d taken a very similar one almost exactly two years ago, but it featured morning sun instead of afternoon sun. It was featured in the post for October 26, 2016 (here).