Notes from the family archives: John Howard Gates

John Howard Gates

A continuation of the Boomerang blog’s family history thread, this post details the history of one of the characters pictured in the photograph featured in the post of August 26 2009, namely John Howard Gates, the gentleman positioned at the far right of the gathered personages. John Howard Gates, son of John Cook Gates and Adelia St. John Gates, was born in Waterloo Iowa on October 26, 1865. His sister, Fanny Cook Gates, was born in 1871. John Howard was famous in  some circles (see biography here) as a justice of the South Dakota supreme court, but he is most famous to Boomerang readers as the father of our mother or grandmother or great grandmother Beah. His other two children–and Beah’s younger siblings–were John Carter and Hobart Hare.

John Howard’s hometown newspaper, the Waterloo Evening Courier, kept excellent track of his life and career, including his daughter’s wedding, but we like the Iowa Press Citizen‘s announcement of that event the best:

Iowa Press Citizen August 22, 1925 -- September Wedding of Interest

John Howard died on November 8, 1927 at the age of 62 of “bronchitis which developed from a cold of four days’ duration” — as the Waterloo Evening Courier put it in its article of November 10th (see full item here).

Shorewood versus Shorecrest Lip-dub showdown!

I heard about this clash of the Shoreline high schools on the Rachel Maddow Show. Shorecrest started it with a “lip-dub” video of “Hey Ya” by OutKast . . .

And then Shorewood one-upped them with their lip-dubbing of Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams”:

As Rachel pointed out, both videos were filmed all in one shot (no cutting and splicing or editing), which is quite a feat in itself, but Shorewood’s is also backwards!? So the students all had to learn how to sing the song backwards to make the dubbing look right (or something?)! Kids these days! (:

Just in time for Christmas: Thanksgiving Report!

This report of the Thanksgiving festivities on Lopez courtesy of Dick:

[Nancy and Dick] went [to Lopez] on  Wednesday to make beds, clean up, buy food, etc. The etc was a stop at Nancy Bingham’s studio to pick up a new Turkey platter. Nancy B. had asked, “Do you want a turkey on it?” Nancy R. said, “No, I want a heron or a fish, or an eagle.” She got all three, and it is beautiful!

Steve, Cate and Ben made it as far as 18747 Wed. eve and came on to Lopez Thursday noon. Amy and Lib came also but on a different ferry. All were gathered in time to be assigned and to complete their tasks. Also, in time for a walk around Pavey loop.

The great big dead bird was ready about 6:30; we had Lopez Riesling for a taste and Lopez Malbec with dinner. Then another walk for some, around Pavey loop. Mike produced three pies, and Julia’s friend Wendy Buffum arrived with pieces of three more. (Ben was beside himself deciding which luscious morsel to choose.)

Friday was kind of rainy. We dismantled the jigsaw puzzle from last year (actually Thursday afternoon) and started on a new one, much bigger and maybe harder. Some went to town to shop. Steve and Ben, with help from Cate, built a “survival shelter” from brush around here and there. In the process Mike and I found some serious leaks in the drain from the road to the beach, which we were able to fix! Now there is a very respectable stream of water coming out the beach end.

Saturday was the Lopez PreSchool Annual Bazaar, so we went to that. A., E., and C. went to the Islander to watch the Apple Cup game in the afternoon (UW  won 38-0). Saturday eve we had the third dinner from the turkey: a delicious soup. Sunday the Boise crowd left before dawn to catch the 6:40 ferry, Amy and Lib left on the 1:35, and we went back to Nancy’s knitting ( at the moment a Christmas stocking for Arlo), and I to a book that’s been lying around that I have not been moved to read: All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy.

Now we can look forward to a resounding end of this year and beginning of the next.

Excellent! The “survival shelter” enterprise sounds especially fun!

Kayla Wheeler: Ruling in the Pool (go Kayla)!

This wonderful story just in from the Shoreline Enterprise, complete with mentions of Kayla’s swim teachers, Lib and Amy! As the article notes,

This week Kayla is headed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to compete in the 2009 International Paralympic Committee’s first Short Course Swimming World Championships. The meet runs from Nov. 29-Dec. 5 and features more than 260 athletes from 31 different countries. Wheeler is the youngest member of the United States team. She will be swimming in the 50-meter butterfly and the 50 and 100 freestyles.

We’ll be thinking about her! Here’s a gorgeous photo of Kayla in the water (there are lots more at the article!):