Gad about a week (Original Boomerang for June 10, 1923)


Original Boomerang, June 10, 1923

The top story in this issue of the original Boomerang is a regular kind of story–there’ve been lots of reports of weddings in this international publication–but it does have a few layers to it that attract curiosity! First, though, to review: this Mr. and Mrs. Loper are Samuel and Eva Clare Loper, Samuel being a brother of Mary (“Mamma”) Eno. Now for the curiosities in the announcement of their daughter’s wedding! They got married in the Unitarian parsonage in Iowa City? Unitarians? in Iowa City? Why yes, it seems the Unitarians have a long history in Iowa City (and in Iowa more generally); moreover they seem to have been going strong there in the 1920s, having recently built a new church there (after it’s old one had been turned into the University of Iowa’s student union). Read all about it at this site here, and more particularly about the church building and its more recent fortunes at this site here. Find a nice rendition of the church below too.


Iowa City Unitarian Church, early twentieth century

Of course, Mabel and Ridley got married in the parsonage, not the church, so one wonders about the significance of that especially when we take into account the likelihood that Ridley’s father, Reverend Gillespie of Irvington New Jersey, was not himself a Unitarian–hmmm!

In other news, the Eno family has truly had a “gad about week” with a different engagement every evening — wow! The high point was surely Wednesday evening, when Betty received her diploma from Des Moines University — hurray (find the issue in which she was just beginning college in this post here)! Other momentous shifts are underway in Betty’s life too, a clue to which is in this issue’s last line as the Boomerang man finishes up this issue of the original Boomerang of a Sunday evening, “Orville has gone back to the farm.”