Postponing gratification, several views of . . .

February is a time when we may all be feeling the pressure of forced postponement of gratification of various kinds (the longer and warmer days of spring, for instance!), so here are a few humorous takes on this aspect of “the human condition,” all involving pre-school aged children!

First, a funny video, documenting the stalwart (and mostly successful!) attempts of boys and girls resisting the marshmallow they could eat now, in favor of the TWO marshmallows they could eat “later” (you can read more about this experiment here):

And then two responses (one Martha’s and the other Leslie’s) to the shocking (maybe more shocking for Martha than for Leslie) event of a little brother’s first birthday:

David's 1st Birthday

Kenny's 1st Birthday

. . . Leslie’s so mature! And our little brothers are both so cute . . . (: