A great picnic list (Original Boomerang for April 13, 1924)


Original Boomerang, April 13, 1924

In this issue of the original Boomerang, mom and dad Eno, the new Rust couple, and a fellow named Frank Heckert have a picnic at the fairgrounds. Here’s the wonderful list of all that was consumed, after they first built a fire:

… fried potatoes and boiled coffee. … chili, pickles, logan-berry pie, two story home made rolls, cookies, and apples.

That is quite a spread!

In other news, it seems like the elder Enos are on the way to having a regular strawberry plantation in the form of all the strawberry plants they’re planting in their yard. For flowers, they’re also planning to plant cosmos, zinnias, and asters.

Happy April!

Contrasts and reflections ~


First United Methodist, February 21, 2019

The First United Methodist Church of Seattle, which was built in 1908 (read all about the church’s history at this site here and more about the building specifically here), is nestled at the foot of the new “F5 Tower” (read all about it here). The reflections in its windows are of the building on the near side of the church, and note that the church is also reflected in a narrow strip of glass to the very left of the photo.