State Representative comes to dinner (Original Boomerang for January 27, 1924)


Original Boomerang for January 27, 1924

The biggest news in this issue of the original Boomerang is that the Eno household has had a state representative for dinner! The personage was from Sheffield (now in connection to whom have we heard that town mentioned before? hmmmm!). The representative was none other than Heike Rust (pictured below)! The Boomerang Man goes on to name the other guests: “Mrs. Heike Rust and Heike’s brother Orville–the last named being our Betty’s best friend.” (He may be more than that soon!) After reporting the dinner menu, the Boomerang Man notes, “Everything went off nicely and down satisfactorily.” Upon reading this report, Heike’s nephew wondered if the purpose of the event was for the guests to scrutinize their hosts or the other way around?


Heike represented Franklin County in the Iowa State House of Representatives from 1923-1927. Read more about him at this site here.