Red and speed~


Reader in red, bicyclist in a blur, December 22, 2018

Old, rare–and new!–books … and a speedy bicyclist … The Strand has actually been in the news lately, resisting a move to make it and its building a historic landmark. Read all about in the New York Times article here.


Quiet street, with surprises ~


Circle, semi-circle, November 3, 2018

What caught my eye about this little scene was its air of quiet neglect (e.g. the peeling paint over the door of with the white arch) … but what I like even more about it, which I noticed later, is how nearby buildings are reflected in two of its windows: just a smidgen of one in the lower right corner of the window over the white ornamental circle and then a fair amount of another in the left hand side of the window over the door of the red building.