Happy Groundhog Day (belatedly)! and . . . January news round-up

or . . . a backwards look at January sights and travels, beginning with a shot of the Washington Mews, taken on January 31st (it hasn’t changed much since!):

Snowy Mews

pebbly river

I’d returned to NYC ten days before (and ahead of this most recent storm) by way of Boise, visiting Steve and Cate and Ben. The former two and I went for a great walk along a pebbly river (nameless for now!), enjoying expansive views of distant hills and lacy branch patterns against pale blue skies. From Ben I learned about “steampunk” (fascinating!) — an aesthetic he’s working with these days. Read a New York Times article about it here. Maybe a photo of one of Ben’s steampunk productions will turn up in The Boomerang one day!?

still life with wonderful crab . . .

Before Boise I was in Seattle for a stretch of days (see post on 1/11/11 for some reporting on that). The evening I arrived (after seeing the Picasso museum), we had wonderful Pike Place market crab, pictured below; then on Saturday, we went to see The Barber of Seville — wonderful!!

Moving still further back in time, Leslie and I were in Los Angeles for the annual Modern Language Association extravaganza! We stayed in the gigantic J.W. Marriott downtown and learned (in other news) that there is a “there” to “downtown LA”! I learned that especially well, having the pleasure of being led on a tour of downtown LA public art by someone who leads such expeditions regularly for the Sierra Club, Margaret V! Accompanied by Kayley! High points were the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (read about its alabaster windows here), the Frank Gehry Disney Concert Hall with lovely fountain in a mosaic of Delft china, many enchanting sculptures by Robert Graham, a great big orange Calder (read earlier Boomerang post on Calder here), the LA Public Library with inspiring word sculptures (see “Lucid” below), and last but not least, Angel’s Flight, the shortest incorporated railroad in the world!

Los Angeles Public Library