Colorful carrots ~


Carrot jubilee, November 16, 2017

Yesterday was such a whirlwind of activities that I didn’t get a picture taken, so this one is for yesterday … and … maybe there will be another one for today? We’ll see, but in the meantime, these carrots are even more beautiful than the “beautiful carrots” featured in a post from last February (here).



Ripening ~


Anticipation, November 13, 2017

You’ve heard the saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” With a persimmon, you can have it as a beautiful thing to look at all the while that it’s ripening … and then you can eat it … too! 🙂


A lovely spring, continued (Original Boomerang for May 13, 1923)


Original Boomerang, May 13, 1923

In this issue of the Original Boomerang, the Enos are off on another picnic! Spring of 1923 seems to have been lovely in Des Moines. This time their destination was Greenwood Park, another woodsy location. Read all about the park here and see where it is by clicking on the “Boomerang World” tab above. More interesting than where the park is, though, is who was along for the occasion! Among other folks, Betty and “over six feet of her friend Orville.” It seems Orville has become a fixture!

In other news, could the Enos have a new car? I think perhaps the Studebaker they used on this day is the same “Hastie Studebaker” mentioned in March of 1922 (here), but this is the first mention of a Pierce-Arrow! We will stay tuned to find out more about it, which I guess will depend on whether or not a first payment on it gets made.

Amongst other goings on reported in this issue, the recent “Stunt Night” sounds like it was quite an event! Part of it falls into the “bad old days” category; on the bright side, though, maybe if we all these days had more community-made kinds of entertainments, we’d all get along better!?



Green leaf windfall ~


Cart, leaves, November 11, 2017

Yesterday it was really windy and cold, and last night it was even colder (in the 20s!), and this morning there were piles of green ginkgo leaves all over the place! As you can see from these posts here and here, ginkgo leaves usually fall when they’re yellow and just a little later in November, as you can see from this post of exactly four years ago here, in which a ginkgo tree is only beginning to yellow. As a matter of fact, the green leaves in the cart pictured above are from that same tree!