Remembering ~


Memorial text, September 23, 2017

Just the very last bit of the huge inscription on the floor of the NYC AIDS Memorial. The inscription is “huge” because it’s all of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” quite a long poem! Find a link to it at this site here, which also has a nice photo of the whole memorial site. Somewhat poignantly (or worse!?), the tall building in the background is really a part of the memorial too since it stands on the site of St. Vincent’s Hospital, which was a major HIV-AIDS treatment center. Read all about the building’s condos and their eye-popping price-tags in this New York Times article here. St. Vincent’s history and its role in the AIDS epidemic has also been featured previously in these pages, in this post here.


Sunflowers, sunny morning ~


Pair of sunflowers, September 15, 2017

Elsewhere in these pages (here), I’ve compared a real bouquet of sunflowers to one painted by an artist in the family. The bouquet in this post bears a certain resemblance to one painted by another well-known artist, Van Gogh. The one in the photograph is just missing one of the painting’s flowers …

sunflowersRead all about Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings here.