Update on an old favorite ~


Further settling in, July 11, 2015

This motor vehicle has become a lot more overgrown since last I posted a photo of it, way back in July of 2012 (here). It’s also acquired the company of a flock of goats (there were many more right to the right of the one pictured!) and a humorous sign, reading “Low Mileage Runs Great [effaced] Best offer” — ha! 🙂

Pretty Portland!

Hawthorne Bridge, Willamette River (plus geese!), July 23, 2012

Portland’s Hawthorne Bridge was built in 1910 (!!) though it’s had quite a series of upgrades since; read about its history here. In the foreground is Waterfront Park (with a full complement of geese).

In other news, here’s a Berkeley answer to Lopez’s motor vehicles gone wild; its title at the Berkeleyside blog is “My other car is a tree”:

Green car